The Struggle

Every day is a struggle… a different kind of struggle, sure, and varying wildly in intensity, true, but a struggle nonetheless.

Struggles against fear & frustration, loss and abandonment, or even just struggling with getting out of bed or running out of coffee.

Yet it is these struggles that define us. Like the lines that define a picture – without struggles we are just empty space.

Without these struggles, we are just consumption machines; mindlessly turning food into waste heat.

We all struggle – each and every one of us. We face our own struggles, every day, but we face them together.

So take heart, my friends, and struggle on…

Yes, I am a Huge Geek

Just finished putting this up in my home office:

space invaders invade my office

Why, yes, I am a huge geek, why do you ask?

Beaten by Rabbits

It’s official – I’ve been beaten by my own pet rabbits.

Google Analytics just confirmed that the bun’s blog is officially more popular than my own. (Although in terms of raw numbers, my blog gets more hits, but that’s mostly just people searching for wallpapers.)

I’m crushed.

I think I may have to have a talk with the little furballs…

Happy New Year – Reflections for 2008

Well, another year has come and gone. The Earth has finished another full revolution of sol. (More or less… see: solar vs sidereal year.)

It feels like just yesterday that I was welcoming the arrival of 2007… or was it 2006? I’ve not been 100% about writing a post on New Year’s Day. Still, the time has flown by. It’s hard to believe I started this blog way back in 2003. It’s hard to believe I only just moved to New Jersey – it feels like I’ve been away from Massachusetts for a lot longer.

There’s been a lot of change in the last year. New technologies, and existing technologies becoming cheaper (just look at LCD and plasma TVs). I could spend all day naming new products – but don’t worry, I’ll spare you from that horror.

I could also spend some time reflecting on the state of world affairs – but I won’t. I’d rather be optimistic on New Year’s Day.

So, here’s wishing everyone everywhere a happy, healthy, and prosperous 2008.

Happy New Year!

Back Home to SPAM

Well, it was a long week, but I’m back home… and now the dreaded moment arrives, when I open my email to discover…

2,414 new messages.

Almost all of these are SPAM.

I had thought of checking my email while I was away, but when I access my email via webmail, I lose the services of Thunderbird‘s excellent spam filtering – and at 300+ messages per day (on average), that’s just too much mail to weed through on a daily basis through webmail. So I didn’t check my mail at all while I was away.

So that’s 2,414 emails in almost exactly one week.

This spam thing is becoming a HUGE problem!

My new year’s wish this year is for less spam!

p.s. – After Thunderbird downloaded all that mail, it left about 20 messages in my inbox – all of the rest was marked properly as spam and moved to my junk mail folder. Though it did take a few minutes to download all that mail – even over a cable modem connection!