The Dream is Real

It’s happening! We were able to arrange for the rental of the small camper trailer that we wanted, and so our cross-country road-trip plans are go! Of course, all this is subject to change as situations change – but we have backup plans. If heading out west as we originally planned isn’t possible (or safe),… Continue reading The Dream is Real

The Struggle

Every day is a struggle… a different kind of struggle, sure, and varying wildly in intensity, true, but a struggle nonetheless. Struggles against fear & frustration, loss and abandonment, or even just struggling with getting out of bed or running out of coffee. Yet it is these struggles that define us. Like the lines that… Continue reading The Struggle

Yes, I am a Huge Geek

Just finished putting this up in my home office: Why, yes, I am a huge geek, why do you ask?

Beaten by Rabbits

It’s official – I’ve been beaten by my own pet rabbits. Google Analytics just confirmed that the bun’s blog is officially more popular than my own. (Although in terms of raw numbers, my blog gets more hits, but that’s mostly just people searching for wallpapers.) I’m crushed. I think I may have to have a… Continue reading Beaten by Rabbits

Happy New Year – Reflections for 2008

Well, another year has come and gone. The Earth has finished another full revolution of sol. (More or less… see: solar vs sidereal year.) It feels like just yesterday that I was welcoming the arrival of 2007… or was it 2006? I’ve not been 100% about writing a post on New Year’s Day. Still, the… Continue reading Happy New Year – Reflections for 2008