This is Totally Me

This is totally how I feel after figuring something complex out:


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Guide to the Internets

Don’t even ask me where I got this picture from. I can’t remember.

Nevertheless, what it says is still, sadly, very true.

Warning: may not be entirely “work safe.”

guide to the internets

Planning a Fight

I do this all the time.

I do this all the time.

A Christmas Countdown Timer

Yes, that’s right. A silly little program, really, hey, you might find it amusing.

Yes, that’s right. A silly little program, really, but one I’ve released (for free) before – and now I’ve re-done it, using .NET.

Here’s the lowdown:

  • The program runs in your system tray (sorry… taskbar notification area)
  • Double-clicking on it shows you how many days are left until Christmas
  • Right-clicking brings up a menu where you can choose to display a different screen with the countdown on it, get “about” information, or exit the program.
  • I’m a nice programmer, so I did not make this program add itself to your start-up group. You have to start it on your own.
  • The program does check for updates each time you open it – you can’t turn this off, but you don’t have to install updates if you don’t want to. It won’t install them without your permission.
  • The source code is available for anyone who wants to see how it’s done.

The requirements are simple:

  • Windows 98 or higher
  • .NET Framework 2.0 or greater

Some screenshots:

Christmas Countdown icon

That’s the icon there, the yellow and green balls. Yeah, I’m not good with icons, I know.

Christmas Countdown menu

Right-click on the icon and this is what you get. Simple, eh?

Christmas Countdown window

Clicking “Show Countdown” gets you this fun screen. The rest you can figure out on your own.

Click here to download the Christmas Countdown Timer. Enjoy!

Amusing Pictures

Some gems I found while browsing through my archives. Enjoy.

Some gems I found while browsing through my archives. Enjoy.

Bill Doesn’t Live Here Anymore

My old roomate in college used to argue that Bill most certainly DOES live here, since I used (and still use) Windows on my main machine.

Divide by zero

I still laugh at this one. (Click for larger image.)

Microsoft - what we’re doing to you today

Please don’t sue me, Microsoft. (A friend of mine in college actually made this image, not me. I don’t have even that much graphic talent.)

Keithius can do it too!

Someone in a forum I used to hang out in made this picture for me. (I used to use Tails as my icon.) It’s a shame the forum kind of vanished… *hint, hint*

comic strip

This was topical back in the day (click the pic for the full-size image), and it still amuses me today. Again, it’s a shame Sharkey stopped drawing it…

Well, that’s all for now.