Christmas Letter 2015

This is the letter that went out with our Christmas cards this year (usually just to family), but it’s been such a year that I thought I’d share it here as well. Apologies for this Holiday card arriving late this year – December got away from us, and truth be told, looking back, the whole… Continue reading Christmas Letter 2015

Desktop Madness Vol. 89

A Christmas Desktop Madness installment, featuring characters from “Lucky Star.”

Merry Christmas, Earth

Well, tomorrow’s Christmas – and tonight is Christmas Eve. To everyone out there (whether you celebrate Christmas or not), I hope you have a happy one. And speaking of “peace on Earth” and all that, today’s Astronomy Picture of the Day really choked me up – as it always does. I know it’s just a… Continue reading Merry Christmas, Earth

Desktop Madness Vol. 64

I wanted the 64th installment of Desktop Madness to be something computer-related (64 being a nice binary number – 2^6 – and of course the latest CPUs are all 64-bit). But, since it’s Christmas time, I decided to go with a holiday-themed wallpaper instead (I’ll hold of for the 128th installment for that particular geeky… Continue reading Desktop Madness Vol. 64

A Christmas Countdown Timer

Yes, that’s right. A silly little program, really, hey, you might find it amusing.