Drove 204 miles round trip to the Pine Barrens today and still managed almost 34 MPG despite all the low speed soft-roading I did (and the fact that the Keithmobile is kind of shaped like an angular brick and weighs some four and a half thousand pounds). Love that little turbo diesel engine!

Today I’m headed down to the New Jersey Pine Barrens to do some photowalking (and soft-roading in the Keithmobile). Although the fall colors are long since past now, maybe I’ll find some interesting things to take pictures of – and at the very least, I’ll get to do some soft-road exploring, which is always fun (for me, at least).

Was bringing my trailer to the hardware store overkill when all I needed was two 6-foot lengths of wood? Perhaps… the wood would’ve fit in the car (if I put the seats down) but I have the trailer, it’s easy enough to hook up, and gosh darn it, I like using it!