Keith-isms (or: Stuff Keith Says)

If you talk with me long enough, you’ll start to notice that I use some odd turns of phrases. I’ve picked most of them up from media of some sort – sometimes books, sometimes movies or TV shows – but they aren’t the sort of phrases you commonly hear repeated.

I started jotting down a few of these phrases, and figured I’d share them here. So, here are some “Keith-isms” – or, “stuff Keith says.”

  • Well I’ll be bounced
  • Holy Carp
  • Christ on a Harley
  • Fuck everything forever
  • Oh bother
  • That’s not a good prize

It’s always interesting to watch how people react when I say some of these – to see if they recognize it – but surprisingly often, people don’t seem to really react one way or the other.

In any case, that’s just a few of the odd phrases I use. If you have some of your own, or if you recognize some of the ones I use or where they come from, I’d be interested in hearing about it – feel free to leave a comment.

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.