2020: A Personal Retrospective

Looking back on the seemingly everlasting shit-show that was 2020.

The Dream Trip: Reality

We had such big dreams for our 2020 road trip – but like so many things in 2020, they… didn’t quite turn out as expected. (Previous installments in “The Dream Trip” – The Dream Trip, The Dream is Real, and The Dream Trip: Revised) Day 1: Starting out, New Jersey to Ohio After starting out… Continue reading The Dream Trip: Reality

The Dream Trip, Revised

Thanks to 2020 being… well, 2020, we’ve had to revise our road trip plans.

Using a Mercedes GLK 250 as a tow vehicle

I’ve always tried to make sure I use my vehicles as more than just transportation – making use of the “utility” in “sport utility vehicle” – and that goes for my current vehicle (the Keithmobile-E, a 2014 Mercedes-Benz GLK 250) as well. I somehow imagine that not many people use their Mercedes SUVs for much… Continue reading Using a Mercedes GLK 250 as a tow vehicle

The Dream is Real

It’s happening! We were able to arrange for the rental of the small camper trailer that we wanted, and so our cross-country road-trip plans are go! Of course, all this is subject to change as situations change – but we have backup plans. If heading out west as we originally planned isn’t possible (or safe),… Continue reading The Dream is Real