Back Home to SPAM

Well, it was a long week, but I’m back home… and now the dreaded moment arrives, when I open my email to discover…

2,414 new messages.

Almost all of these are SPAM.

I had thought of checking my email while I was away, but when I access my email via webmail, I lose the services of Thunderbird‘s excellent spam filtering – and at 300+ messages per day (on average), that’s just too much mail to weed through on a daily basis through webmail. So I didn’t check my mail at all while I was away.

So that’s 2,414 emails in almost exactly one week.

This spam thing is becoming a HUGE problem!

My new year’s wish this year is for less spam!

p.s. – After Thunderbird downloaded all that mail, it left about 20 messages in my inbox – all of the rest was marked properly as spam and moved to my junk mail folder. Though it did take a few minutes to download all that mail – even over a cable modem connection!

Away for Christmas

I’ll be away during the next week for Christmas, so don’t expect many posts (if any).

But fear not! When I return I will undoubtably have lots of fun pictures to share from the snowy land of New England. (Why did all the snow have to miss me??)

Bunny Substitutes

After I was done taking photos for our Christmas card this year (I’ll let you guess who is in it), I arranged these little bunny figurines by the (fake) tree… and it looked neat!


“Programming is the fine art of making a machine that has absolutely no intelligence act as though it does.”

Experimenting with Tags

So, new versions of WordPress support “tags.” Which seem like an interesting way to categorize things – and handy, too. I’ve been able to go back and categorize all my posts on “REAL ID” with a tag so they can be quickly found. Although tagging is not 100% awesome – there are some quirks to it. And I’m still figuring them out, so bear with me – you may see my “tag cloud” on the sidebar change suddenly.