Back Home to SPAM

Well, it was a long week, but I’m back home… and now the dreaded moment arrives, when I open my email to discover… 2,414 new messages. Almost all of these are SPAM. I had thought of checking my email while I was away, but when I access my email via webmail, I lose the services… Continue reading Back Home to SPAM

Away for Christmas

I’ll be away during the next week for Christmas, so don’t expect many posts (if any). But fear not! When I return I will undoubtably have lots of fun pictures to share from the snowy land of New England. (Why did all the snow have to miss me??)

Bunny Substitutes

After I was done taking photos for our Christmas card this year (I’ll let you guess who is in it), I arranged these little bunny figurines by the (fake) tree… and it looked neat!