The Struggle

Every day is a struggle… a different kind of struggle, sure, and varying wildly in intensity, true, but a struggle nonetheless. Struggles against fear & frustration, loss and abandonment, or even just struggling with getting out of bed or running out of coffee. Yet it is these struggles that define us. Like the lines that… Continue reading The Struggle

Around the Next Bend

Recently, I was out for a walk at a place where I’ve gone for walks dozens of times in the past. But this time, I noticed a trail off to my right that I’d never seen before… and so, with no real destination in mind, and some free time on my hands, I turned off… Continue reading Around the Next Bend

My Life, 2000 – 2009: What a Crazy Trip!

Looking back at the last 10 years in my life – what a journey! (And what a handy summary of my life, in case you don’t want to read the rest of my blog!)

Driving = Freedom

Getting in the car, putting on some tunes, and just driving… nothing else makes me feel so “free.” Now, this might be something that’s restricted to those of us that grew up in areas where there was no such thing as “public transit” and the only bus you could catch was the one that took… Continue reading Driving = Freedom