Astrological Musings

I love self analysis. Here’s a great description of “Scorpio,” which, since my birthday falls on November 17th, is what my star-sign is considered to be. For fun I’ve added my own comments (in brackets and italics).

Keith Gets Published!!!

Yes, that’s right – the great Keithius is taking his first steps on TAKING OVER THE WORLD by influencing public opinion.

Snow & Stuff

Anyway, the obvious stuff: it snowed. It snowed A LOT. I drove in the snow. It was fun! AWD is such a cool thing, there was literally NOWHERE I couldn’t go. I love my Outlander!!


On Sunday I went outside and found that I had a flat tire. It was freezing out and the wind was really cold, but I put the mini-spare on and drove down to John Fitch Highway to get it fixed.