Bunny Blog!!

You knew this was going to happen. The bunnies now have their own blog.

Stop looking at me like that. I swear, I’m not crazy!

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.


  1. Generally I would say, you don’t need a cage for bunnies. They will live quite happily in your house with just a litter box and maybe a cardboard box to hide in sometimes.

    But if you MUST have a cage, don’t buy it from a store. Use the Internet – and get the biggest cage you can afford. A solid floor is best, with a litter box in one corner. If you must use a wire floor, make sure at least half of it is covered with something solid, like a hay mat or something, for the bunny to lie on. (Would YOU like to sit on wire all day long?) And if you MUST have a cage, let your bunny out at least once a day for a few hours to play and exercise!

    If you use the link on both this blog and the Bunny’s blog to the “House Rabbit Society,” you will find links to good cage manufacturers that you can buy from online. Most stores don’t carry big enough cages for anything other than baby dwarf rabbits. (And even dwarf rabbits get bigger as they grow up – don’t forget that!)

  2. hi i love bunnies!
    they are my favourite animal and i have one shes called misty! they need to be looked after properly and need a lot of looking after.
    i loved your pictures!
    (misty is a mini lop)

  3. We offer a wide range of cages available to sell freel free to check us out! You have a nice blog thanks for some great posts!


  4. Thanks Jamie. Right now we don’t need a cage – our buns are 100% free-range indoor rabbits! But maybe someday when I have a house with a lawn, I might get an outdoor run for them…

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