Desktop Madness Vol. 98

Roses are #F0000, Violets are #0000F … you know the rest. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Can’t believe I’d never posted this one before.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Internet… may your memes never fade!

Desktop Madness Vol. 97

I always go a little crazy on Valentine’s Day… no special reason.

Oh, it’s that time of year again – Valentine’s day. So I guess I should put up some Valentine related wallpapers, eh?

What? Oh, by Valentine’s Day you didn’t mean Faye Valentine. Sorry, my bad.

Ok, ok, I’ll stop now.

…Enjoy your Valentine’s Day.


Desktop Madness Vol. 92

It’s just “friendship chocolate,” OK?

As usual, this installment of Desktop Madness celebrates that invention of the¬†confectionery¬†industry, Valentine’s Day.

Try to have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone (even if you don’t get any chocolate)!

Desktop Madness Vol. 82

A cute little Lucky Star themed Valentine’s Day wallpaper (just a little bit too late though).

This is a little late for Valentine’s Day, but I thought I’d post it anyway, because I’m really into Lucky Star these days.

Unhappy Valentine’s Day

Another year, another way to mock Valentine’s day – this time, with a snarky picture!

Ah, Valentine’s day. Some people claim it is an invention of chocolate manufacturers, others the greeting card industry. Others take offense to the idea that they need a special day to be nice to their significant other.

And of course, still others just get pissed off because they don’t have a significant other, and the whole day and everything associated with it seems to be just rubbing that fact in their face, making them very bitter and cranky.

Around here, I sort of have a tradition of mocking Valentine’s Day in the strongest way possible. And this year is no different.