Mum and dad always get really excited when they see me jump in the air (they call it a “binky”), but I don’t see what’s so exciting about it – I’m a bunny; of course I can jump!

Dad was especially excited when he was able to film me doing it. Now if only he’ll let me jump behind the couch, hmmmmmmm….


The Bunny Area, Mk V

new(est) bunny area

With new bunnies comes a new bunny area. Even though we are planning on letting them roam freely throughout the house, they still need an area of their own for their food & litterbox. For now, they remain in their area except when let out (under close supervision) – when they learn not to chew things & get used to the house we’ll eventually let them out more & more often.

We’ve also moved the bunny area up into the sunroom instead of the livingroom – the tile floor there makes it easier to clean up hay & fur, and these two seem to like it up there. Unlike our previous two bunnies, Delilah & Chuck seem to have no problems with slippery floors.

Speaking of which, Delilah and Chuck also have no problems with jumping over things – which is why their area has a screen “roof” to it – both of them jumped out of their area (when I wasn’t looking) so I had to build something to keep them in.

bunny gate

I also had to build a gate to keep them out of the rest of the house – I’ve only re-bunny-proofed the livingroom so far – which also had to be quite tall to keep them from just jumping it. Commercial pet gates just don’t work with bunnies – they are either too short or have bars that are too widely spaced (bunnies can squeeze through surprisingly tight spaces) – so again I had to build my own.

So far the buns are quite content with their living arrangements – they flop and relax frequently and I’ve even spied them sleeping & doing some happy tooth grinding. Happy buns = happy home!


Same Blog, New Bunnies

It’s Dad here again, and you read that right – we’ve finally welcomed some new bunnies into our home.

Introducing Chuck:


And Delilah:


Just like our previous pair, Chuck and Delilah are rescues and will will be sharing their life story here as well as on Twitter (once I give them access).

Chuck and Delilah were not together prior to being brought into our home, but they have bonded very well and can frequently be found snuggling together. They’re currently living in a large play-pen area and are only let out during the day when we can supervise them – although we are slowly expanding their range into the rest of the house.

Eventually – once they learn where not to go and what not to chew on – they’ll be allowed out all the time, but until then they’ll be spending much of the day (and all of the night) in their play-pen cage area.

Already we’ve learned a lot about the temperaments of these two – Chuck is a definite troublemaker but is also a bit skittish, while Delilah is a sweet girl and the most relaxed, laid-back rabbit I’ve ever seen.

So stay tuned, as more posts will definitely be coming (though I’m not sure how frequently). You can also follow the buns on Twitter as @ChuckTheBunny and @DelilahTheBunny.

Thanks to everyone who reads this blog, and we hope you enjoy reading about the Life and Times of these two new bunnies!

Final Message From Dad

Yesterday, July 28th, at around 1:30pm, we suddenly and unexpectedly lost Betsy while she was under anesthesia for a (fairly) routine operation (taking care of her teeth).

Needless to say we are devastated and heartbroken. Our home will not be the same without bunnies, and it will never be the same as it was with Betsy and Gus.

It is some comfort to think that Betsy is with Gus now, binky-ing free on the other side of the rainbow bridge – but we still miss her (and Gus) all the same.

Thank you to everyone who read this blog and who offered us condolences – both now and when Gus passed earlier this year.

Gus, you were our darling little boy – and Betsy, you were our sweet little girl. We will miss you both and will always remember you.

gus sleeping in the sun  sleepy betsy beside the chair

snuggle bunnies

Binky free, my buns.

Busy Bunny

I’ve been keeping myself busy and lately I’ve started exploring the rest of the house – finding all the best places to flop or take a nap and ways to sucker mum & dad into giving me more treats.

betsy flopped beside the fireplace

Lounging beside the fireplace is a good place to spend the day – it’s a more central location, so I can keep an eye on mum & dad and pop out to demand treats whenever I want.

betsy underneath the chair

Underneath the chair is a good hiding place, too – maybe even better than behind the couch!

betsy in dad's office

Sometimes I even make the trek all the way down the hall to dad’s office – to check on him, and make sure he’s working hard (so that he can buy me more treats).

betsy beside the fireplace - tough life

Yes, it sure is a lot of tough work being as busy as I am these days.