• Matilda sleeping

    Matilda sleeping (passed out)

    I found Matilda sleeping like this after a long, hard day of… *checks notes* …eating and sleeping.

  • Chuck sleeping in my office

    Chuck sleeping in my office

    For some reason he just decided he was going to sleep in my office today (not that I’m complaining!).

  • Chuck passed out

    Chuck sleeping (passed out)

    My heart always stops for a moment when I see either of the buns sleeping like this… then I see them breathing and I can relax, knowing that he’s just sleeping really, really deeply.

  • Buns in the Playframe

    Buns in the Playframe

    Matilda loves her cardboard A-frame “Playframe” house – she spends just about every day in there, up on the 2nd floor. I think she likes the position of the house as well – it’s at the far side of the room, so she has a view out over the whole room and can see us coming (though she often sleeps so deeply that we can walk right up to her and she doesn’t wake up).

    Chuck sometimes comes for a visit, but he generally stays on the bottom floor – which is just as well; I don’t think both of them could fit upstairs!

  • Chuck waiting for dinner

    Chuck waiting by the kitchen counter

    Turned around to find Chuck sitting by the kitchen counter around dinnertime. He may not be able to speak, but he has no problems telling me what he wants!

  • Hallway is blocked

    Hallway is blocked

    Well, looks like I’m not going to bed tonight – the hallway is blocked; can’t get past. But, maybe if I shake the treat bag…

  • Buns in my office

    Buns in my office (hoping for treats)

    Got a visit from the buns the other day – and by “visit” I mean “shakedown for treats.”

  • Buns in the hallway

    Buns in the hallway

    “Answer me these questions three, ere the other side of the hallway you’ll see…”

    (All 3 questions were: “will you give us a treat?”)

  • Morning visit from Chuck

    Chuck visiting me in my office in the morning

    Just Chuck doing his morning visit to me in my office (he’s checking to see if I have any treats for him, of course).

  • Good Bunnies (Mostly)

    Good bunnies eating hay

    It always makes me happy to see the buns chowing down on their hay – Chuck in particular really loves when I bring out his clean litter box with fresh hay every day (usually in the afternoon, just after he wakes from his day-long nap).

    Matilda loves her hay as well, I just wish she was better about eating it… as you can see, she likes to perch on the outside of the litter box and eat the hay from there, and she has a bad habit of letting hay drop to the floor while she’s pulling it from the box. Such a messy eater!