About Chuck


Greetings, human! I am Chuck and I am the handsome bunny you see before you.

I’d like to see if you have some treats, but I’m not sure I care to come that close… perhaps if you just left them on the floor for me?

I was rescued by my mom and dad from a shelter which received me from an animal hoarding case in Newark, NJ, so I can say living here is miles better than where I used to be! A clean litter box, a cardboard box to climb on top of, all the treats I can scam out of mum & dad… what more could a bunny ask for?

Well, for starters I’d like to be allowed behind and under the couch – but mum & dad built an elaborate barrier to stop me (though I’ll keep trying!). Also some more treats would be nice – and why don’t you just leave the bag of hay & pellets open so I can just eat it all right from here?

I’ve been told that I’m at least part Himalayan in breed, though the dark patch on my nose and ears faded not long after I came home. But who cares about breeds, anyway?

Anyway, I’ve gotta go now – I think I hear the treat bag. Bye-bye!