About Matilda


My name’s Matilda, and I’m a princess!

…Well, my mom & dad say I *act* like a princess, anyway.

I came to this house to join Chuck after he suddenly and unexpetedly lost his lifetime friend, Delilah. At first I wasn’t sure if I liked Chuck or if I wanted to stay here… but it’s such a nice house… and the food is sooooo goooood… so I decided it was all right, even if I sometimes have to groom Chuck.

My mom & dad say that I’m both very brave and very timid. I’ve explored every inch of this house, and I come right up to people to see if maybe they have treats for me. I even allow you humans to touch me (sometimes)!

I also have a very sensitive nose (as befits a bunny princess) and I hate the smell of human food. Yuck!!

Mostly though I enjoy eating, sleeping in my cardboard cottage, or running full speed through the house. Just your normal princess stuff. (Oh, and I guess sometimes snuggling with Chuck.)