Make Mine Chocolate!

Make Mine Chocolate!

It’s getting towards that time of year again. And by “that time of year” I mean “Easter.” Which, coincidentally, is when we found Gus being abused by some neighborhood children in our parking lot, and took him into our home.

Please, please, please… think carefully before you buy a rabbit for your children. They are cute and adorable when they are little, but they can grow quite big (depending on breed) and require a lot of space. If you insist on keeping them in a cage, you must let them out to play at least once every day so that they can stretch their legs. And remember, a lot of people buy rabbits for Easter, but then get “tired” of them later on and dump them in shelters, where they will be put to sleep if they can’t get adopted.

So this Easter, if you must have a rabbit, consider adopting one instead of buying one from a pet store – and check out the Make Mine Chocolate link above to make sure you’re ready for a rabbit. And if you weren’t planning on getting a rabbit, but you find the idea of rabbits as disposable pets abhorrent (as I do), please help spread the word. The Make Mine Chocolate site has posters you can put up around your neighborhood – at the grocery store, at the pet store, at school, wherever.

All the rabbits whose lives you help save will surely thank you.

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.