International Keith Day (#31)

It’s the 17th of November again, and as usually happens on this particular anniversary of another successful orbit of the Sun, I like to remind people to try and take today off from work or school in celebration of what I like to call: International Keith Day Which some people refer to as “Keith’s Birthday.”… Continue reading International Keith Day (#31)

IKD 30

Today is what I like to call International Keith Day or just IKD. It’s also commonly known around these parts as “my birthday.” I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want their birthday to be celebrated as an International holiday (so you would never have to work on your birthday)? 😉 Anyway, this makes it IKD… Continue reading IKD 30

New Toys Coming Soon

For those that are keeping track, we’re coming up on my 30th birthday this November – a momentus occasion, apparently. And because of that, it seems as though some fun new toys may be coming my way. I’ll give you a hint: the terms aperture, focal length, and alt-azimuth mount have been thrown around. In… Continue reading New Toys Coming Soon

International Keith Day 2007

Once again, it’s November 17th – International Keith Day. Some people continue to refer to it simply as “Keith’s birthday.” Since it’s a Saturday this year, I can’t really encourage people to take the day off – but if you can, celebrate IKD in whatever way you see fit. Hey, if people can start “Talk… Continue reading International Keith Day 2007