IKD #33

It’s the 33rd IKD (International Keith Day) today… so celebrate!

It’s that time of year again – the time of year where everyone is supposed to take the day off from work/school in recognition of IKD (International Keith Day), which is completely coincidentally also my birthday.

So everyone join me today in celebrating the 33rd IKD – if you can’t take the day off, then at least take it easy somehow. Have a nice meal, or a drink, or something – whatever you can do to get into the spirit of IKD.

Happy IKD, everyone!


International Keith Day (#31)

It’s the 17th of November again, and as usually happens on this particular anniversary of another successful orbit of the Sun, I like to remind people to try and take today off from work or school in celebration of what I like to call:

International Keith Day

Which some people refer to as “Keith’s Birthday.”

This is the 31st International Keith Day (IKD), and (alas!) I have as of yet failed to get it recognized internationally as a valid holiday. But I’ll keep trying!

In the meantime, if you can, try to celebrate IKD in whatever way you can get away with – maybe play some games, eat a special meal, or just relax.

Happy International Keith Day, everyone!

IKD 30

Today is what I like to call International Keith Day or just IKD. It’s also commonly known around these parts as “my birthday.” I mean, after all, who wouldn’t want their birthday to be celebrated as an International holiday (so you would never have to work on your birthday)? 😉

Anyway, this makes it IKD #30 for me… scary, I know!

So, as per my usual IKD advice – I urge everyone to take the day off from work, stay home, play some video games, read a book, watch a movie, go for a walk, take some pictures, and just have fun!!

Happy IKD, everyone!

New Toys Coming Soon

For those that are keeping track, we’re coming up on my 30th birthday this November – a momentus occasion, apparently. And because of that, it seems as though some fun new toys may be coming my way. I’ll give you a hint: the terms aperture, focal length, and alt-azimuth mount have been thrown around.

In case that wasn’t enough of a hint, I’ll just tell you – I’m getting a telescope, as well as some fun new attachments (filters, lens adapters) for my camera. Specifically, the telescope I’m getting is a Meade ETX-80-TC, and for my camera I’m finally getting an adapter to let me mount any standard 58 mm camera attachment. Some of the other things I’ll finally be getting include a polarizing filter and some of those fun ND grad filters I’ve heard so much about. I may even figure out a way to use my camera with the telescope… but we’ll see.

I’ve had a wish-list of accessories for my digital camera for quite a while – so I knew what sort of stuff I wanted for that.

As for the telescope, that was more recent – born from my recent capture of Jupiter on film, my photos of the lunar eclipse, as well as from a long history of being interested in astronomy from a very young age. I’ve never owned a really “good” telescope – and certainly never one with a proper mount – so I’ve been very limited in what I could see.

When I started thinking about a telescope, I really didn’t know much about the topic – and once it was seriously suggested as a gift for my 30th birthday, I found out how little I really did know!

Being the geek I am, I just had to learn everything about the topic (how else could I make an informed choice?), and thus I spent hours and hours on Wikipedia and other sites learning about focal lengths, apertures, telescope designs, eyepieces, the limits of magnification, and so forth. It might sound funny, but it really is a lot of fun to learn about something truly new!

(Oh, and in case anyone is wondering why I chose the ETX-80 instead of one of it’s bigger – and more sophisticated – brothers, such as the ETX-90, it basically boils down to two things: portability and price. I wanted a portable scope, and for my budget, the ETX-80 was the better buy – especially when you consider the ever-important factor of “leaving room for accessories,” like additional eyepieces, rechargable batteries, and so on.)

So, in short, the next few months should be rather interesting! Stay tuned!

International Keith Day 2007

Once again, it’s November 17th – International Keith Day. Some people continue to refer to it simply as “Keith’s birthday.”

Since it’s a Saturday this year, I can’t really encourage people to take the day off – but if you can, celebrate IKD in whatever way you see fit. Hey, if people can start “Talk like a pirate day,” I figure IKD’s got just as good a chance!

Happy International Keith Day, everyone!