A Little bit of Lunar Photography

I couldn’t help but notice the other night that the full moon was out – and it was really, really bright. So bright, in fact, that I decided I could hand-hold some photos of the moon! In retrospect, I probably still should’ve used a tripod – after all, I was taking these photos at maximum… Continue reading A Little bit of Lunar Photography

First Light

Apparently it’s common to refer to the first time you use your telescope as “first light.” Which I guess makes sense. Anyway, I had “first light” with my Meade ETX-80AT-BB a week or so ago, and I figured I’d share the tale. Now, for my first time using the scope (for real), I decided to… Continue reading First Light

Telescope Tale

This is a story about a stupid mistake. I’m sure that many people who read this story will figure out the mistake before I get to the end, but needless to say, I didn’t figure it out, and neither did 3 other camera/telescope experts. So, perhaps there are other people out there just like me… Continue reading Telescope Tale

New Toys Coming Soon

For those that are keeping track, we’re coming up on my 30th birthday this November – a momentus occasion, apparently. And because of that, it seems as though some fun new toys may be coming my way. I’ll give you a hint: the terms aperture, focal length, and alt-azimuth mount have been thrown around. In… Continue reading New Toys Coming Soon