I Hate Taxes

Have I mentioned before that I hate taxes? There’s nothing like having everyone responsible for paying this ridiculous income tax, but making the code for it so complicated that you need to hire a professional in order to file it correctly – and avoid being fined even more! I mean, small businesses are the backbone of the American economy – Bush said so himself!!! Yet you’ll never encounter more tax obstacles in your ENTIRE LIFE than you do when you’re trying to survive as a small business owner.

I have just 2 words to say about all this:


If our government wasn’t so huge & bloated, I wouldn’t be paying out nearly 40% of my income to tax.

It’s just not fair… 🙁

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.


  1. We’d put a stop to it quite quickly if we simply refused to pay. We should as spelled out in the constitution pay no more than 6% of our income and to defense of the USA only. Pay no more. Stop the insanity now!

  2. What you’re talking about is, effectively, a large-scale (tax) revolution. You’d need EVERYONE (well, almost everyone) to do it in order for it to be effective. Otherwise, the few “rebels” (or “tax protestors” as the IRS refers to them) would simply have all their posessions & money taken – and eventually you’d end up in prison. (Debtor’s prison, perhaps? But didn’t we abolish that when we split from England? Wasn’t that one of the things the founding fathers didn’t agree with? Ah, how history repeats…)

    Getting everyone to agree to not pay taxes, given the nature of our society – and, quite frankly, the sheer size of it – is basically impossible. Too much of it is “built in;” people have their taxes taken out automatically, and too many key players (big businesses, agencies, banks, cities, etc) depend on federal funding (from taxes) to survive – so it’s in their “best” (if you can call it that) interest to keep people paying taxes. And let’s not forget all the people who’s salaries depend on taxes – i.e. government employees. These people would have a strong incentive to not participate in such a revolution – and would probably be strongly opposed to it.

    It’s almost a hopeless situation, but… there are always options. Spread the word (everyone hates paying taxes, even if they agree with the wasteful way that their money is spent), and use the power of your vote to make a change. That’s the only real way to fix the situation – short of open rebellion (which, as I stated, basically won’t work).

  3. I my self am not going to pay my exise tax this year iam only 23 and i am sick of it take me to jail two hots and a cote for free i am all about it

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