All I Want in a State…

I lay out my ideals for the “perfect state” – as in, the perfect state to live in.

All I want from a state (as in, the state I live in) is:

  • To not be taxed into oblivion (I know I’ll never get away from taxes entirely, so just… take it easy on me, OK?);
  • To have a reasonably efficient state government (i.e., to not have to go into a 1960’s era building with insufficient parking and fill out forms in triplicate on carbon paper with a No. 2 pencil just to get the license plate for my car);
  • To be reasonably easy for people to exercise their 2nd amendment rights (that is, don’t make it so I have to apply to the chief of police for permission to apply for permission to own a gun, have 6 personal references, provide a DNA sample, and an affidavit from my 3rd grade teacher attesting as to how often I used to play “cops and robbers” at recess); and most importantly,
  • The right to own (and better yet, carry in public) a sharpened 26 inch samurai sword. (For protection, of course – because “swords don’t run out of bullets.”)

That’s really all I want.

Is that too much to ask?

Using Tax Money

“Using tax money to provide goods and services does two things: it hides the true cost by shifting the burden of payment onto other people and it eliminates choice. Those are both bad, but for different reasons.”

Found this great quote from a discussion over on Slashdot on a story of some attackers cutting fiber cables into a city in California:

“Using tax money to provide goods and services does two things: it hides the true cost by shifting the burden of payment onto other people and it eliminates choice. Those are both bad, but for different reasons.”

This is a very insightful quote, and one that people would do well to remember whenever they start talking about having “the government pay for it.” (Of course there are cases where using tax money is the only way to do certain things, but it’s still good to keep this in mind.)

The Difference Between the Government and the Mafia

I saw this in a discussion over on Slashdot about New York sales/use tax – someone mentioned that “New York has always been a bit bizzare about taxes.” Someone else replied with:

They’re not bizarre; they’re just greedy for every dollar they can get their grubby little paws on. Just remember that the only difference between the government and the Mafia is that the government controls the schools.

Funny, yes, but there is an alarming amount of truth in that statement…

Tax Day

Yep, it’s that time of year again. April 15th in the United States has a special meaning – it’s tax day. File your yearly income tax return OR ELSE!

Normally I’d spend all day ranting and raving about how much I hate the IRS (which I do) and how taxes are evil (which they are) and so forth. But honestly I’m just too tired to do that today.

I had my taxes prepared professionally this year – the move, along with some other things, introduced some complexities to my return that I just didn’t want to deal with, so I paid some people who’s logo is a rather uninspired green square to do it for me.

Of course, that doesn’t mean I’m any less angry at the IRS for taking my money away from me. What was that quote… ah yes, that April 15th is “the day I capitulate to the reality that the USA is actually socialist.” So true, so true.

Not to dampen anyone’s spirits, but if you’re feeling pretty happy today because you’re getting a refund on your taxes, just remember – that’s your money to begin with. You just “lent” it to the government, interest free. Nice deal for them, eh?

Ah, taxes…

I Hate Taxes

Have I mentioned how I HATE taxes?

Have I mentioned before that I hate taxes? There’s nothing like having everyone responsible for paying this ridiculous income tax, but making the code for it so complicated that you need to hire a professional in order to file it correctly – and avoid being fined even more! I mean, small businesses are the backbone of the American economy – Bush said so himself!!! Yet you’ll never encounter more tax obstacles in your ENTIRE LIFE than you do when you’re trying to survive as a small business owner.

I have just 2 words to say about all this:


If our government wasn’t so huge & bloated, I wouldn’t be paying out nearly 40% of my income to tax.

It’s just not fair… 🙁