USB Madness

It occurred to me last night, as I hooked up some new gadgets to my computer, that I have… an obnoxious amount of USB peripherals. Keyboard Regular mouse Trackball mouse Printer iPod Memory Card reader IR receiver for the Windows Media Center remote control External hard drive Bluetooth adapter USB headphone/headset Gamepad This was brought… Continue reading USB Madness

Applying Old Laws to New Technology

You’ve probably heard of the RIAA and the MPAA (the Recording Industry Association of America and the Motion Picture Association of America, respectively) before. They’ve been in the news a lot lately – suing old people who don’t have a computer for sharing mp3 files on the Internet and so forth. A recent Slashdot story… Continue reading Applying Old Laws to New Technology

WordPress Tags

So I’ve been experimenting with WordPress’s new built-in “tags” feature. It’s pretty neat, but it’s not 100% awesome. For one thing, I’ve got nearly 1,000 posts on this blog so far. Going back and trying to add tags to existing posts is a PAIN IN THE ASS. Secondly, I find that often the tags I… Continue reading WordPress Tags