Where’d WordPress Learn to Count?

I direct your attention to a recent post of mine. A look at it from the main page shows “Comments (3)”, but when you actually look at the comments, there are only 2.

Looking at the WordPress admin panel shows the same thing. It thinks there are 3 comments, but there are only 2. What’s going on?

wordpress comments bug

I’ve looked into the issue a little bit, and found a few things:

  • Some people have this problem because they manually delete comments. (I don’t; I use Akismet and the built-in WordPress tools to moderate comments.)
  • Some people reported the problem, but they are all hosted on the WordPress.com site (I obviously am not; I’m self-hosted here at starkeith.net.)
  • I’ve read claims that the bug is fixed. I’m running the most recent version of WordPress – so why is it still happening?

Anyone care to comment on this one? I’m stumped!

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.