Freedom is Slavery

“No longer solely concerned with driver safety, state DMVs would also be required to adopt stringent verification procedures (authenticating birth certificates and other documents) to make sure that license holders are not in the country illegally.”

More protest against this “REAL ID” thing. Don’t use their form to contact your senators, though – fax or email them yourself; it has more of an impact that way. Apparently, this will be voted upon tomorrow, so act fast!

CRS Report – Analysis of REAL ID

Y’know, we elect these people to congress, and they make laws like this. What makes me really upset is that this “REAL ID” thing is apparently the brainchild of a WISCONSON senator… and Wisconson is my birth state.

Schneier on Security: REAL ID

Yet more depressing news about this ill-conceived idea of a “national id.” It makes me so mad! Ugh, just read this article – Bruce makes all the points that I would’ve made myself, if I wasn’t seething mad.

U.S. National Identity Cards All But Law

Given the recent surge in Federalism here in the US (a.k.a. “states rights”), I wonder how people will react to this – as it is a huge violation of states rights by the Federal Government. Not to mention that the current Federal Government has absolutely NO IDEA on how to do this right.