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NashvilleFiles Blog on REAL ID

Some quotes:

Under the shrewdly named “Real ID” initiative, Congress would require states to standardize their driver licenses and create a central database of license holders. No longer solely concerned with driver safety, state DMVs would also be required to adopt stringent verification procedures (authenticating birth certificates and other documents) to make sure that license holders are not in the country illegally. In addition, states would be required to maintain files with copies of all relevant identification documents and digital photos of the license holders.”Is the goal here to shut down DMVs?” asked Cheye Calvo, director of the National Council of State Legislatures’ transportation committee, in The New York Times last week.

His concern is not misplaced. While the provisions of “Real ID” would saddle the states with significant new costs and responsibilities, no federal money accompanies the mandate. By one estimate, the total cost of implementing the rules could be $500 million.

My co-worker Jeff laments about this same thing – the GOP no longer being the party of small government. (If only the GOP would split off a signifigant Libertarian faction…!)

When I pondered the question, “Et tu, GOP?” I was wondering what happened to the party of smaller government. Over the past five years I haven’t seen it.

This one sends chills right down my spine.

But — most overlooked — is Section 102 of this bill. It would empower the Secretary of Homeland Security to suspend any and all laws in order to ensure the “expeditious” construction of a set of barriers and roads south of San Diego, to keep illegal immigrants out. It also would prohibit ANY judicial review of the Secretary of Homeland Security’s decision to suspend any law. ON EDIT: While the law the bill references mentions barriers and roads “near San Diego,” it does not appear to be (technically speaking) limited to that area — but to any barriers or roads “in the vicinity of the United States border.”

I tried to get a letter ready to send to my Senators, but unfortunately I didn’t have time – and I would’ve only been able to fax it to Kerry, as Senator Kennedy doesn’t list a fax number on his website (or anywhere). I may post the text of the letter later.

I wonder how the vote went on this, or if it hasn’t happened yet? If I find out, I’ll post again.

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