More REAL ID Stuff

Here’s some select reading. The first 3 articles are from Bruce Schneier’s “Crypto-Gram” newsletter; the other one is an EPIC article. Enjoy.

Real ID Summary

Because most people are too lazy to read the bill itself, (and frankly, it’s filled with so much legalese that most people can’t understand it) here’s an honest, unbiased breakdown of the bill’s ID-relevant sections.

Goodbye, America

Goodbye, America – Hello, REAL ID. Welcome to a world where you have to PROVE your citizenship… again… and again… and again.

Real ID Passes U.S. Senate 100-0

Some juicy quotes from Slashdot members: “The US was founded on state rights, hence “The United States of America”. If you don’t like a state’s rules, move to another state. The federal government is heading toward “monoculturing” the US. Pretty soon we’ll be ‘Former United States of America.'”

REAL ID Act Status

Aww crap, it passed. Seriously, folks, this has got to stop. If things keep going like this, we’re either going to loose all personal liberties, or there’s going to be a revolution.