REAL ID Comments Close Tonight!

A national ID is wrong and is counter to the principles upon which this country was founded.

Bruce Schneier on REAL-ID (again)

“A reliance on ID cards is based on a dangerous security myth, that if only we knew who everyone was, we could pick the bad guys out of the crowd.”

Maine Rejects Federally Mandated ID Cards

“Maine Rejects Federally Mandated ID Cards” – Way to go Maine!

REAL ID Harder Than Legislators Thought

What a surprise – people are finding out that this whole “REAL ID” thing is a big waste of money. I’ve heard of “throwing money at the problem,” but this is just ridiculous.

a tribute to charles clarke and his id cards

Apparently the British are trying to implement a national ID card – and someone didn’t like the idea. The above-linked flash animation is the result – I highly recommend watching it.