The Amazing Keithmobile-D

The one, the only, Keithmobile-D (that’s the 5th Keithmobile, in case you’re counting – I use the same letter naming scheme as the Enterprise from Star Trek). It really is a good looking car. And it’s still going strong after 5 years. My faithful companion on many an adventure… often in places where cars weren’t… Continue reading The Amazing Keithmobile-D

Outlanding in the New Jersey Pine Barrens

I found a new place to go Outlanding! It’s a bit of a drive from where I am (about an hour and 45 minutes), but it’s BIG and has all sorts of trails of all different types and best of all… it’s legal to go there! Of course, I’m talking about the Pine Barrens here… Continue reading Outlanding in the New Jersey Pine Barrens

Scoutlanding Report #2

Amazing, but yes, this is in fact only the 2nd Scoutlanding report. Read on for my report on the day’s adventure!

Scoutlanding Report

Today I investigated some Outlanding locations I had reported recently, near Mt. Watatic. Unfortunately, the gate at the entrance to the first trail was closed, and I wasn’t able to find the second location mentioned in my post.