Scoutlanding Report #2

Amazing, but yes, this is in fact only the 2nd Scoutlanding report. Anyway, here’s my results from today’s adventure:

If you turn onto the road for Fitchburg High School (the new building) and follow it down a ways, you’ll come to a fork in the road. The left-hand fork is a dead-end, but if you bear right and go about 1000 feet, you’ll come across a path on your left that is wide open (no gate, no signs). There’s a stream not too far down, and also some signs that warn of a cross-country cable buried in the vicinity – these signs have the AT&T logo on them. Interesting, huh? I didn’t go beyond the stream, because I was just Scoutlanding – but I probably could’ve made it a ways beyond. However, it’s never wise to go Outlanding alone, so this trail will have to wait for another time.

Following that same road and bearing left when you come to the next intersection or two will bring you by a road called “Telephone Road.” This dirt road is a dead-end, but it has more of those AT&T signs at the end, and probably connects with the other end of the previously mentioned trail.

Going further down this road (again, bear left at any 3-way intersections) may bring you past a road that says “Road closed to thru traffic.” Ignore this sign – the road is quite open; though it does turn to dirt for a good portion of the way. Following this road to its end will bring you out onto Rindge Road.

Not bad for a short Scoutlanding trip, eh?

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.