Outlanding Location

This report comes to us via my friend Tom:

A trail by Mt. Watatic, near the 119 + 101 Intersection (I’ve blogged about Outlanding locations near here before). If you’re coming from Fitchburg (via Rindge Road) you’ll take a right, and then your very next left.

Continue taking left turns, towards the mountain. One of the roads may be called Mountain road or Watatic road. You’ll come to a big trail with a gate – it may be closed by now, but it was open. The trail is not too difficult, though it gets very steep at the top. It takes you all the way to the top of Mt. Watatic!

Alternatively, if you find the gate closed, or if you just want another place to go to, keep going on that road, and you will come to a portion of road with a sharp “S” curve. Just before the curve starts, there will be a big trail with a warning sign (a “no vehicles allowed” kind of sign). This trail apparently goes around the mountain and is somewhat technical – worthy of going very slow – but should be passable.

That’s all for this report. I’ll examine these trails myself later this week or more likely this weekend and report back on whaat I find. Until then…!


By Keith Survell

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