The Beauty of (Remixed) Game Music

Lately I’ve been listening to a lot of game music on my computer (rather than streaming it from places such as Radio GOSU). Most of the music I have comes from that wonderful site, OC Remix.

I still find myself amazed at the quality of music that I find there – just really, really good stuff, made with (obvious) passion, and a lot of technical skill. Quite often I’ll stop work for a little while during the day when a really good song comes on and just turn it up nice & loud – I often get goosebumps or chills when the really good bits come on.

No matter how I might be feeling – tired, worn out, depressed, or just un-motivated – good music always cheers me right up.

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.