The Angel and the Demon – Part II

I’m going to warn you now, this is another “sappy” post, so if that’s not your thing, turn back now.

This is a continuation of this story.

From up in heaven, the angels looked down upon the world. From the glory and the light they looked at a black spot upon the brown face of a sad and lonley world, and saw a demon. This was the demon, the one who had walked in the light for a time, who had sailed in bliss upon the blue sea and upon the green hills. Though none of the angels would admit it, each felt in their own heart that fate had been unkind to this pitiful creature, to leave him writhing and crying and sobbing with wet tears in the cold mud of an unthankful world.

The angels watched as the demon cried out – cried in a voice that no demon had ever used; cried out with a sorrow so pure, that it peirced the walls of heaven and brought tears to eyes that had never before known pain, never heard the sound of unhappiness, and never contemplated the consequences of loss.

And when the demons wail finally stopped, and he lay upon the cold ground in a sleep that was not far from death, there was silence in the kingdom of heaven for the first time since the creation of the world.

But from that silence a voice began to grow – no one knew whose it was at first, as it began so softly, that many thought it was meerly a thought in their mind. But slowly, like the first flower of spring, like the dawn of a new day or the whisper of a summer’s breeze, the voice grew, and the song that it sang began to flower and spread among the angels.

Gently at first they sang, weaving the sound around their hearts to heal the wounds of a thousand years – and the song grew.

Softly at first they sang, the dreams of endless choirs of angels whispering in the morning sun – and the song grew.

Like the voice of a mountain stream, or the rustle of the leaves in summer, their song twisting and turning in the air – and the song grew.

Like the crash of waves against the sea, an endless rush of water and air, the song grew in force and volume. With each new voice a new harmony was created, until the very foundations of heaven quaked with sound, and the angels – heedless of any danger – sang louder and louder, their song growing to fill the endless void above, sweeping around them and lifting them up on high. Their song touched the sun, touched the stars and the moon and all the worlds beyond – and still it grew, filling, flowing, rushing, racing, rolling on waves of joy and sorrow and misery and pity and unhappiness and peace and love and fear.

And then a single lone voice rose above the waves of tone. It was clear like a thousand crystals, and cold like the ice beyond the void. This voice sang no words, but its song was filled with love and joy and sorrow so deep that it echoed in all creation – from the highest tower of heaven to the lowest pit of hell. And when it stopped, with an abruptness so sharp that many of the angels started as if cut by a knife, clearly it could be seen that this was the angel, the one who had befrended the demon, who sang this final chord.

And all the angels and people of heaven looked down as one upon the face of the Earth, and the cold body of the demon lying prone in the dark mud.

…To be continued. The ending will depend greatly on how things go for me in the near future. Is this an allegory? You betcha. Stay tuned for updates.

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.

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