The Alley

She stood, gasping, in the middle of a pile of bloody corpses. Dead. They were all dead, and she had killed them. Her sword slipped slowly from her sweaty & trembling hands. Her chest heaved as she fought to control her breathing. She’d killed them. They’d certainly meant to kill her. They’d come at her… Continue reading The Alley

The Old Man and the Forest

A short story that’s been floating around in my head recently about a strange old man who lives on the edge of a forest who might be more than he seems.

The Landscapes of my Youth

I had an active imagination when I was younger – I dreamed up elaborate histories for the fictional worlds that inhabited the landscapes around my childhood home. This is sort of a “description” of the world I’d imagined around my home, but it’s also partly a story of a single day – or maybe a single year.