The Bunny Crisis Resolved

So, the bunny crisis is resolved. We’re keeping the bunny.

On Monday, I took the bunny to the vet in Littleton, and found that he is in perfect health. He is probably still very young, and he will need to be neutered in a few months. In the meantime, I’ve brought Gussy (Amanda’s name, not mine, but it seems to have stuck) to work twice (Tuesday and Friday), which he absolutely loves. The office is big enough for him to really run around in, and there’s so many things to smell! And, like the naughty bunny he is, Gussy found a way out of my office – through a passageway hidden under the cabinets and through the wall in the side of my office. Naughty, but clever!

Anyway, we’ve got a new cage for him too, a nice big one (36″ long), and he seems to be settling in nicely. He has started to nibble on things (like wires – bad bunny!) so I’ve had to “rabbit-proof” the house a bit, which was a challenge (anyone remember the “tower of power?”), but I think he’ll be fine. We never let him out of the cage unless we’re watching himi, so it’s OK.

Here’s some fun pictures of Gussy from last weekend, when we took him down to my mom’s house. He met George (the cute piggy) there, and spent some time in the back yard. I’ve also got some pictures of him in his previous cage – an old guinea pig cage we were using temporarily until his new one arrived (yesterday). Enjoy!

You can see Amanda’s foot in this picture. The bunny & the piggie were just chillin’ in the sun.

Here’s a ground-level shot of the two. George doesn’t like being outside much; he’s a very “indoors” pig. Gussy, on the other hand, loves the grass.

As you can see, Gussy was enjoying the warm sun that day.

George needed some fresh air too, but he’s less comfortable with a big new friend. He’s been an only piggie for so long, you see.

Here’s Gussy sleeping in his temporary guinea pig cage. The stuffed toy you see is from Amanda’s work – it’s an Angiomax Pig (Angiomax is one of their products; a drug).

I took this picture today while Amanda was at the gym. What a cute bunny!

Well, that’s all for now. I’ve got to get to the pet store to pick up some chew toys for Gussy. Later!

UPDATE: You can follow the adventures of Gus and Betsy now on their own blog, The Life and Times of Bunnies!

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.


  1. Didn’t know you’d gotten a bunny, Keithius! (I’ve been away from your blog for a bit….) That’s cool! She’s cute!

  2. Gussy’s first cage was an old guinea pig cage – I don’t know where it came from, but it’s quite small – much to small for him nowadays. His second (and current) cage, which he only uses for his litterbox (as he has free reign of the livingroom) was purchased online, but the same model is available from Petco. It has a blue metal base and is very long, but kind of skinny. There are larger cages available that are better if you intend to keep your bunny in a cage – and if you are going to keep a bunny in a cage, I HIGHLY recommend getting the biggest cage you can – preferrably with both a front (side) door and a top door; or better yet a cage where the entire top can swing up (for easy cleaning and access).

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