The Bunny Crisis

So, I’m back. It’s good to back on the ‘net, though being unplugged for 7 days (and bathing myself constantly in hot bubbly water) does wonders for the mind.

So, all in all my vacation was GOOD. I played video games almost non-stop, ate junk food, and spent a lot of time in the roman spa. Ahh, bliss.

But now I’m back, and there’s a crisis to be dealt with. A bunny crisis.

Thursday, Amanda called to tell me that some [insert derogatory explative here] neighborhood kids had been throwing, hurting, pulling, pinching, and generally just mis-treating a bunny rabbit in our parking lot. After they left – leaving the rabbit on the ground behind! – she went and “rescued” it. So she asks me, “what do I do?”

First things first – I have her ask around to see if anyone owns a rabbit. She even finds one of the kids that was “playing” with it, and he says (in order):

  1. His mother is asleep and can’t talk to you right now
  2. He does not own a rabbit.

This, of course, is translated from bad Spanish/English.

So, the rabbit is ownerless. And Amanda is an animal lover. So, we now have a pet rabbit.

What the heck am I going to do with a rabbit?

Amanda tried calling some friends of hers to see if any of them wanted a rabbit – no luck. And no one I know wants a rabbit. And I’m not sure if I want to give it to a shelter or a pet store… I dunno why, but I just don’t feel … good about it.

So, until we can find a better home for he/she/it (anyone know how to easily tell the gender of a rabbit? I know how to tell on a guinea pig, but…) the rabbit (alternatively either Gus or Harriet, if it’s male or female, respectively) is staying here.

And since I got back from vacation and downloaded a bunch of pictures from my camera, here are some I took of the rabbit and its temporary dwelling in our kitchen. Enjoy.

Here’s Mr./Mrs. bunny in our livingroom. The bunny is very well behaved, and hasn’t chewed on any wires (yet).

This is the makeshift cage Amanda constructed for the bunny. Its (the cage’s) previous life was as some shelves in my closet for holding my clothes (since Amanda has taken up all other space for clothing in the house).

Here’s the bunny eating. It really likes carrots.

Stay tuned for more updates as the Bunny Crisis continues.

Peace, yo.

UPDATE: You can follow the adventures of Gus and Betsy now on their own blog, The Life and Times of Bunnies!

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.


  1. Sorry, Gus is most definately NOT for sale. (This article is from 2005 after all!!)

    But I’m sure there’s an animal shelter near you that has some bunnies that would love to be adopted! (Just be sure you’re ready for the commitment involved!)

  2. If you need info on rabbit care check out Thats wonderful you took it in. On they may have rescue groups near you that could take it in 🙂

    1. It is much, much, much too late for that now. Gus is firmly implanted in our home, and isn’t going anywhere!

      Although in those early days, we did look at for information on what not to feed him, etc. Now of course that stuff is second nature to us.

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