Safety & Surveillance Cameras

A trio of good links today.

A trio of good links today. First up, from a blog called Grits for Breakfast:

Safer with camera surveillance, or just more exposed?

Followed by:

Why surveillance cameras don’t reduce crime

And opposed by an article from The Open Society Paradox:

The Other Side of Surveillance

Personally, I’m opposed to all the surveillance cameras that are all over the place now, because – being manned by, well, man (i.e. human beings) – they are, inevitably, imperfect. And on top of that, current privacy laws are insufficient to deal with this kind of data collection in an effective manner (after all, video is just another form of data).

However, once I create my master sentient computer system, I’ll be only to happy to give it “eyes” in the form of cameras everywhere. Because, being a computer, and having programmed it myself, I know that it will never abuse the position of power that it gains from being on the other end of all those cameras.

But that’s just my opinion. 😉

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