Outlanding Locations

Some places I have found that are promising:

  • Behind the old Coin-Op car wash on John Fitch Highway in Fitchburg, next to Colonial West Chevrolet (near Carol’s Dary Bar). Appears to have a large sand-pit.
  • On the northbound side of Interstate 190, before the 117 (?) exit. Near power lines.
  • Near Mt. Watatic, in New Hampshire (exact location uncertain at this point, I’ll have to go there again to pin it down)
  • On both the north & southbound sides of Route 146 in Sutton, under some power lines – near the Honey Dew Donuts shop.
  • Behind the new industrial park on Main St. in Whitinsville, by the junction of Route 146. Only accessable on non-business days.
  • On Fisher road in Fitchburg (uncertain of exact road name, but I will find it again). Looks like a rocky trail leading up & north.

This is all I can think of for now, I may add some more later if I remember something. I’m going to try to keep this list current, so that I know where these off-roading places are!

As an aside, I’ve seen pictures for the Old Florida Road in Florida, Massachusetts. (For a status report on this road, click here to view the PDF.) It’s a very interesting “legal” road that has degraded into an off-road enthusiast’s dream. But, I think it’s too rough for the Keithmobile-D… maybe I’ll be able to tackle it when I have the Keithmobile-E


By Keith Survell

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