There’s such a lack of discourse in today’s politics. It’s all just people screaming at one another, repeating the same “party line” over and over again, or speaking in such convoluted PC-speak (that’s “politically correct”, in case you didn’t know) that any meaning behind the words is entirely removed.

Towards that end, I’m going to have a little discussion with myself here (since no one wants to debate with me on the subject). I’m going to expand this practice into a few different areas of idealogical conflict in the next few posts, so stay tuned. Since I’m generally a “centrist” in my political views, I can see both sides of most issues – a valuable skill, indeed. And since I’m used to talking to myself, I’ll use this to create “debate” between people on both sides – something I think Plato once did with his “Dialogs.”

Now, I WAS going to do a dialog like this centering around gay marriage, but a quick Google search revealed that all the points I was going to make have already been made – perhaps better than I could have done. I guess what irritates me is that the people lobbying FOR gay marriage don’t use these arguments – they just whine about “civil rights” and a few other easily countered points, which don’t carry much weight in most people’s minds. Sad.

So, here’s a nice rational dialog about gay marriage. Read it, and if you don’t agree, make up your own dialog presenting the opposite point of view (if you can, without violating the rules of logic or sounding like a dumbass).

The Gay Marriage Argument

I’ll be doing some dialogs of my own on other issues very soon… on the war in Iraq, Terrorism, and such things.

Unless I get lazy and just point you to someone else’s dialogs. Meh, the wonder of the Internet.


By Keith Survell

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