A Little Early for Snow?

It snowed here on Monday morning – not a lot, mind you – but enough to accumulate on grass and some paved surfaces. Somehow, I’m not sure if it’s early for snow, or if this is normal. The seasons have been so messed up lately that my memory of what’s “normal” is no longer reliable.… Continue reading A Little Early for Snow?

Climate Change??

Apparently seasons are for sissies. Now we’re just going to alternate between really stinking hot (summer) and really stinking cold (winter). Those in-between seasons (spring and fall) can just hit the road, man.

Holy Crap – It’s Autumn!

Mother nature seriously needs to get a new alarm clock or something. Maybe a fancy new PDA. (Or maybe she’s got a PDA, but doesn’t know how to use it.) In any case, this is getting crazy.