Climate Change??

Apparently seasons are for sissies. Now we’re just going to alternate between really stinking hot (summer) and really stinking cold (winter). Those in-between seasons (spring and fall) can just hit the road, man.

Weather for October 30

This was my weather forecast this morning, courtesy ForecastFox. Now, these aren’t unusual temperatures for the 30th of October. What’s unusual is the fact that until just the other day, it was very, very much warmer. Like, seriously!

To put this in perspective, I ran my air conditioners quite a bit this month. If that doesn’t seem somehow terribly wrong to you, read it again. It’s OCTOBER. I should not be running the A/C in October. I shouldn’t have been running it in September, either, but I was. (Okay, maybe a little bit at the beginning of September.)

And then, just like that, it’s cold out. It literally went from “all the windows open and the fan running at night to keep it cool enough to sleep” weather to “close all the windows and there’s a frost warning.”

If anyone wants to argue with me about climate change, or try and tell me that this is somehow “normal,” go right ahead – the comments section is open. That sound you’ll hear after hitting “submit” will be you getting laughed off the Internet.

In case you think I’m being silly about all this, here’s some relevant posts from previous years:

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  1. Climate Change really causes the formation of bigger tornadoes and bigger typhoons too’::

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