Focus… Focus!

I’ve been fiddling around with my camera again lately, and my feature-of-fiddling has been aperture, as it relates to the focus of the camera. Like a lot of people who get into photography (or so I assume), it’s a little mind-bending at first with all the terms… focal length, depth of field, f-stops, aperture, etc.… Continue reading Focus… Focus!

Eclipse Pictures

So I thought I’d try taking photos of the lunar eclipse. After all, I’ve got a camera, a nice view of the sky from my porch, and the patience to try, so why not? Well, since this is really only my first time taking photos of the moon at night with my camera, I wasn’t… Continue reading Eclipse Pictures

Digital Photography Blasphemy

I know this is going to sound like blasphemy to many digital photography fans out there (and to gadget geeks in general), but I have to say – it is very handy to have a no-frills point & shoot digital camera around sometimes. Before you dismember me, let me explain. First off, let me say… Continue reading Digital Photography Blasphemy

My Digital Camera Guide

I’ve made a guide for non-professional people trying to decide on a digital camera. I hope it’s helpful!

More on Photography

Just 2 quick little tips on digital photography: using the self-timer, and the photo-management software “Picasa.”