Not all F-Stops are Created Equal

Explaining why that blurry background effect is harder to get on your point & shoot camera, even though you might have it set to the same f-stop as a DSLR.

Why I Still Use My Canon PowerShot S3 IS Camera

Why I still use my 2006 vintage Canon PowerShot S3 IS Camera, despite being a bit old.

New Camera Attachment – Canon WC-DC58A Wide-Angle Lens

My first look at the Canon WC-DC58A wide-angle lens adapter for my Canon Powershot S3 digital camera.

Trying to be “Artistic”

Perhaps I’ve gone too far with trying to be “artistic” in my photos?

A Little bit of Lunar Photography

I couldn’t help but notice the other night that the full moon was out – and it was really, really bright. So bright, in fact, that I decided I could hand-hold some photos of the moon! In retrospect, I probably still should’ve used a tripod – after all, I was taking these photos at maximum… Continue reading A Little bit of Lunar Photography