Time for a new theme?

Yeah, I think it may be time for a new theme for Core Dump here.

Don’t get me wrong, I like the design I’m using now, but somehow… it seems too… bland? I’m not sure how to put it. But sometimes I look at it, and it sort of reminds me of those nasty place-holder websites you see if a domain isn’t registered yet (the ones that show results based on what you typed to get there). You’ve probably seen them before.

Anyway, when my own site gives me that sort of impression… well that’s how I know it’s time for change.

So it looks like I’ll be spending some time in the WordPress Theme Directory today. If I was a better artist, I’d do something myself, but let’s face it – I suck at art.

So, expect some changes around here pretty soon!

Popularity Contest

I know it’s a silly thing to do, but I sometimes like to look at the visitor stats for this website – as well as for the buns’ website and Amanda’s blog.

Of course, sometimes these statistics are a bit depressing – but that’s neither here nor there. For “entertainment purposes,” here are some recent statistics:

“Home Page” visits in the last 30 days Visits since Amanda started her blog Last month total visits (all pages)
Bunnies 1,134 341 2,482
Me (Core Dump) 405 153 8,941
Amanda’s Blog 108 113 189

As you can see, the Bunnies are clearly the most popular overall. I get more “total” page views because I have over 1,000 posts stretching back several years which cover a lot of different topics. (My post on Manual vs. Automatic is still the #1 page, with my Desktop Madness series being next in line thanks to Google Image Search.)

But Amanda is really coming up strong – since starting her blog less than a month ago, she’s had nearly the same number of visits to her site as I have in the same time period. Amazing!

I think I’ve created two blogging monsters!

Ma Wha… Food?

That’s right – the long-unused blog of Amanda has been re-invented as… a food blog?

Well, it makes sense – she’s an amazing cook, so why not share pictures and recipies of her amazing creations?

You can check it out over at “Ma Wha Food” – but be aware, she’s still new to this “blogging” thing and probably won’t update frequently at first. Still, here’s hoping!

A New Theme?

In honor of what is now my 1002nd post… I’ve decided to change my theme. What do you think?

The old one was very nice (and it matched my office – how geeky is that?) but it didn’t quite properly support Gravatars and was getting a little long in the tooth.

This new one should help put the focus on the content, rather than the page – which is nice. And obviously, I like the way it looks!

So, we’ll give this one a try for a few days and see if I still like it. Feel free to let me know what you think in the comments!

An Oddity with Cookies and WordPress 2.6

I just upgraded the 3 blogs hosted here on my site to WordPress 2.6, as well as a number of other blogs I maintain for people.

In each and every case, after upgrading, I had some trouble getting back to the Admin page – the login page appears and it says “Please log in again” in pink above the login prompt. (Sadly, I didn’t think to get a screenshot.)

I did some digging and found a suggestion that clearing your Cookies would help – and indeed it did, for all the sites. Whew!

I do love this version of WordPress (as I love all versions – WordPress is great!) but it is a rather odd thing – it scared me at first, let me tell you! I thought something had gone horribly wrong or that my password had somehow changed. But it was just some weirdness with cookies.

I’m posting this here so that other people can find the answer – it’s simple enough. It seems as though there were some changes to the cookies used by WordPress in this version – perhaps that’s what caused the problem?