Popularity Contest

I know it’s a silly thing to do, but I sometimes like to look at the visitor stats for this website – as well as for the buns’ website and Amanda’s blog. Of course, sometimes these statistics are a bit depressing – but that’s neither here nor there. For “entertainment purposes,” here are some recent… Continue reading Popularity Contest

Ma Wha… Food?

That’s right – the long-unused blog of Amanda has been re-invented as… a food blog? Well, it makes sense – she’s an amazing cook, so why not share pictures and recipies of her amazing creations? You can check it out over at “Ma Wha Food” – but be aware, she’s still new to this “blogging”… Continue reading Ma Wha… Food?

A New Theme?

In honor of what is now my 1002nd post… I’ve decided to change my theme. What do you think? The old one was very nice (and it matched my office – how geeky is that?) but it didn’t quite properly support Gravatars and was getting a little long in the tooth. This new one should… Continue reading A New Theme?