Keith’s Belated Guide to Mastodon (for Twitter Exiles)

There are a ton of “what is Mastodon” or “getting started with Mastodon” or “what is this Mastodon thing, really?” articles out there already, but this is my blog and I wanted to write my own guide, so here we are. Let’s go! What isn’t Mastodon Mastodon isn’t Twitter. Let’s get that right out here… Continue reading Keith’s Belated Guide to Mastodon (for Twitter Exiles)

Desktop Madness: Vol. 109

I have my computer set to change the desktop background on my 2 monitors every 15 minutes, and recently a number of photographic backgrounds came up that made me think “wow, that’s really nice, I wonder where I found that picture?” But then, when I went to look at the source of the picture, it… Continue reading Desktop Madness: Vol. 109

Problems remain with Mastodon

Yes, I’m talking about Mastodon again. After the last installment of my Mastodon Saga – where I found that it wasn’t just a database issue that erased my account, but rather a RAID failure – I held out hope that my account and prior posts (and most importantly, follower lists) could be restored. Unfortunately, that… Continue reading Problems remain with Mastodon