Desktop Madness Vol. 92

It’s just “friendship chocolate,” OK?
As usual, this installment of Desktop Madness celebrates that invention of the¬†confectionery¬†industry, Valentine’s Day.

Try to have a happy Valentine’s Day everyone (even if you don’t get any chocolate)!

Desktop Madness Vol. 91

A large collection of wallpapers for the Anime series ‘K-On!’ makes up today’s episode of Desktop Madness!
Here’s a bunch of wallpapers to go with my recent review of the anime K-ON!. Enjoy!

Desktop Madness Vol. 90

A massive Desktop Madness post featuring 21 wallpapers from the Anime/Game ‘Kanon.’
In keeping with the theme of my most recent Keith’s Anime Review, here’s some wallpapers from the Anime/Game Kanon. Enjoy!

There will be more crossover between my Desktop Madness series and my Keith’s Anime Reviews series soon, so stay tuned!

Desktop Madness Vol. 89

A Christmas Desktop Madness installment, featuring characters from “Lucky Star.”
Well, it’s that time of year again. Have yourself a… …lucky Christmas?

Desktop Madness Vol. 88

The 88th installment of Desktop Madness features a bunch of cute bunnies helping out in the kitchen!
I have no idea where I found this, and I have no idea what it comes from (if it even does come from any sort of larger work or series at all), but it is cute and it features bunnies, so you know I had to post it.