Bunny Pics

Amanda bought Gus a cardboard house called a “cottontail cottage.” It took him a little while to get used to going up & down the ramps, but he seems to like it.

The Bunny Crisis

So, I’m back. It’s good to back on the ‘net, though being unplugged for 7 days (and bathing myself constantly in hot bubbly water) does wonders for the mind. But now there’s a crisis to be dealt with – a BUNNY crisis.

The Cat and The Pig

So, the other night, my mom is sitting on the couch with George, her Guinea Pig, and along comes Dunkin, her cat. Dunkin decides he wants some “lap time” too, and promptly settles himself down right on George’s rear. A few small pig movements later, and the two are comfortably settled.