Behind the Wheel: Mercedes-Benz C200 Wagon

A Mercedes-Benz C200 "Estate" (station wagon)

This summer my wife and her parents and I all went on a trip to Scotland, where we rented a car and drove the entirety of the North Coast 500 – a 500 (ish) mile loop along the… you guessed it, north coast of Scotland. Although we had reserved a medium-sized SUV, when we arrived… Continue reading Behind the Wheel: Mercedes-Benz C200 Wagon

Problems remain with Mastodon

Yes, I’m talking about Mastodon again. After the last installment of my Mastodon Saga – where I found that it wasn’t just a database issue that erased my account, but rather a RAID failure – I held out hope that my account and prior posts (and most importantly, follower lists) could be restored. Unfortunately, that… Continue reading Problems remain with Mastodon