Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone! Best wishes to everyone for a happy & prosperous (emphasis on the prosperous) 2004.


My blog is finally hosted on starkeith.net…. fully, not just with a redirect. So, now we’re ad-free. Yippie!

Night Time

Once he got behind the steering wheel, and the music began to play, everything was different. His mind was clear… focused. His hand moved to the stick. His other hand gripped the wheel. The engine revved. He was the car. But like all good things, it had to end.

A Day In The Life…

As the heat crept up his back and into his body, he gradually became aware of the fact that he was eating pepperoni from a plastic package. He heard the crumpling sound of the plastic as his hand, without direction, picked the pieces up and moved them into his mouth.

Something Fun

Oh, something for y’all who like Christmas: My Christmas Countdown Utility. It’s a small little program for Windows-based PCs that (as you would expect from the title) counts down the days until Christmas. It also has a built-in reminder that you can set, for simple “alarm” functionality. You can even add a note to your alarm.