The World at Large (Kino’s Journey)

Sometimes I just get into these weird moods… sort of nostalgic, sort of melancholy… and when I do, I often watch this video or just listen to the song that goes with it.

It’s what’s known as an AMV – an “Anime Music Video,” a fan-made music video for a song made up of clips from Anime (sometimes one series, sometimes multiple series with a common theme). The song is by Modest Mouse and it’s called The World at Large, and the anime it draws from is called Kino’s Journey. This one was made by a person who goes by the name of Kwasek from a group called More Than Toast.

It’s a very well done video, and there’s something about it – about the music and the theme of Kino’s Journey, paired together, that always hits me in my “sentimental center.” It is a very moving piece of work.

Give it a watch, I think you’ll like it (and turn up your sound – the music is absolutely fantastic).

If you want to download the full video (rather than watch it on YouTube) you can get it from

By Keith Survell

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