Carrying Photography Stuff

I like to take my camera with me when I go walking in the woods – I find “nature” photography very relaxing – but there is a serious downside that’s been bugging me for some time now. Because the “best” light for taking really nice photos just happens to also be the time when there’s actually the least amount of light available, you sort of “have” to use a tripod, or else you’ll end up with blurry photos (and that’s no fun).

So you’ll often find me walking through the woods near sunset with a camera bag over one shoulder and a tripod in one hand. This works, but it is less than optimal. I’d like be able to carry my tripod in a way that would free up my hands… some sort of thing I could wear on my back or shoulder would be best.

I’ve heard some people talk about using those bags that you often get with folding camping chairs to carry your tripod – but a bag might be overkill. Just a strap would be best, with some sort of loop or hook that could (securely) attach to my tripod.

I can’t imagine that I’m the only one who feels this way – in fact, I’m sure I’m not, as a quick Google search turns up lots of results – but it’s still a problem, and I’m not sure what to do about it.

So, if you have a carrying solution for your tripod (or your photography gear), let me know what it is! And if you’ve got a dedicated tripod carrying strap, and have an opinion on those, feel free to share as well – I’d really appreciate it!

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.