Follow-Up on “Comcastic Support”

In a follow up to this post on my experience with Comcast Support, I have… good news!

I wrote in to Comcast this morning via their website because I was having some Internet trouble – it was being a bit flakey. I wrote to them telling them about my previous experience – which admittedly was probably due to the transition from my old cable provider, Patriot Media, to Comcast (which bought out Patriot Media).

This afternoon I got a call from a very nice lady at Comcast to follow up on my problem. I consider same-day callbacks to be much better than 3 days later!

Basically, she apologized for the problem and explained what was going on – what I had already guessed; namely that they are switching stuff around and that’s never perfect.

I asked about some sort of system to let customers know in advance when work like this will be performed – which apparently they have (it’s email based, which is less than ideal, but at least it’s something). Unfortunately they couldn’t use it in this case, because of the circumstances. (You try acquiring a company and all of its customers and then integrating them with your own systems and see how smoothly it goes.)

In short, I feel less ill-disposed towards Comcast than I did this morning – my flakey Internet even cleared up shortly after I called (apparently they were having issues in my area and were already working on it). Another case where some sort of “status” would have come in handy (maybe Comcast should have a blog or a twitter account?).

Is this a case of a company that’s actually changed its ways and has really committed itself to customer service? We’ll see… here’s hoping.

By Keith Survell

A geek, programmer, amateur photographer, anime fan and crazy rabbit person.