Experiments with Macro Photography

Yes, I’m trying to be “artistic” again. And I’m also playing around with the “Super Macro” mode on my camera.

I think I just enjoy photographing flowers – at least they don’t move! (Well, most of the time!)

As usual, just click on any of these images to go to the large size image over at Flickr.

water droplets on yellow rose

Cliché, I know, what with the water droplets and everything… but still, I think it came out well. You can really see the texture of the flower petals!

yellow flower closeup - focal b&w

This one was made using a neat effect in Google’s Picasa software (which is what I use to organize my photos). It’s called “Focal B&W” and it seems like it was just made for flower photography!

yellow rose

With a perfect rose blossom like that, how could I resist?

black and white flower with full flash

A wise man once said that sometimes B&W is better than color. This one looked fantastically dull when I took it initially, but once I converted it to B&W, it suddenly seemed… better. Somehow.

Anyway, that’s all the flower photography I have for now. Enjoy!

By Keith Survell

Geek, professional programmer, amateur photographer, crazy rabbit guy, only slightly obsessed with cute things.

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